How to Effectively Organize a Tool Shed for Aviation Maintenance

Summary: Organizing one’s place of work can make it easier to find tools and be productive.


No matter what kind of environment one works in, practicing organization can prove to be greatly beneficial. Organizing the area where one operates can make it easier to find items and it can give them the mental clarity that comes with being in an area that is free from both clutter and distractions.


Those that mainly work outdoors may have a shed where they can store their tools and other relevant items they need to get their job done. Below are some techniques anyone can follow to organize their shed and get their workflow in order.


Color Coding


The tool shed should be more than a space where one can store items. If an individual enters the shed looking for a particular piece and cannot remember where it is located, then they may spend large amounts of time searching for something that might not even be there. For visual organization, color coding items using different labels or bins can make it easy to see where things are, at a quick glance. For example, using one color for aviation equipment and another for locomotive equipment can make it immediately obvious where a particular item would be located.


Routine Maintenance


To assure that the storage area will continue to keep one efficient, it is crucial that routine maintenance checks are made. If one has not cleaned the area before, initial sweeping, dusting, and general disinfecting can take some time. However, once the shed has been cleaned, simply taking some time out of one’s schedule once a week to quickly clean up can keep the shed in shape.


On a similar note, regular maintenance checks should be made on equipment to make sure the pieces are cleaned and are in solid working quality. This can greatly reduce the chances of an unexpected equipment error occurring during a crucial moment.


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