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How to Make Your House Dog-Friendly

Summary: Here are some of the top tips on how to get your house ready for a new dog.


Dogs play important roles in many people’s lives. Some individuals may need the assistance of these furry animals for medical reasons, such as emotional supporters or service dogs. Others simply want a dog to pet, play with, and walk. The reasons why someone may be interested in taking in a dog could vary but all dog-owners could agree that a good amount of preparation must be done before the dog is ready to move in.


Taking care of a dog could require a lot of hard work and patience but it is oftentimes worth it. If you are thinking of adopting a pup, read below for some suggestions on how you can make your house more pet-friendly.


Purchase Hard Flooring


Dogs are, at the end of the day, animals who love to run around and play. Investing in hard flooring is a wise decision for any dog-owner. Carpet flooring is more likely to get scratched up from dogs’ nails and it is much harder to clean carpet than wood. If your dog was running around outside in the backyard and went back inside the house before getting wiped up, it could be bringing in dirt on its paws.


Similarly, if your pet is not yet potty-trained, cleaning up a mess on the carpet could be challenging and potentially quite expensive. Additionally, stores like The Foam Factory offer comfortable yet durable pet beds that dogs can relax on without owners worrying about them getting scratched up and dirty.


Keep Valuables Away


Dogs are naturally very curious creatures, which is why you need to be careful with what is within your pet’s reach. Electrical cables, for example, are highly dangerous but a dog likely will not know not to chew on it. If you have expensive or precious items that you would not want your dog sniffing and potentially knocking over, store them in cabinets or on shelves higher up. You can use couch or RV cushions to block off certain parts of the house to keep your furry friend out of harm’s way.


Buy the Proper Cleaning Tools


There is no doubt that your dog will get dirty at one point or another. If your Jack Russell Terrier, for example, just got back from a walk, you will want to wipe him up before letting him run around in the house again. Since dogs like to sniff and lick their own paws, you need to buy wipes that do not contain any harmful chemicals.


On a similar note, a strong vacuum cleaner will minimize the amount of fur and dirt your pet leaves in the house.

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