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How to Store Water Before a Natural Disaster

Summary: Water is arguably one of the most important resources you need to have nearby during a natural disaster.


When a natural disaster strikes, such as an earthquake, hurricane, or heat wave, you may find difficulty living the way you did prior. Your access to resources, like cell phone networks, hospitals, and grocery stores, may be severely limited for days and potentially even weeks. Due to the life-altering potential these events have, one of the best things we can do to make sure we come out of them in good mental and physical condition is to prepare.


A general lack of water can lead to severe dehydrating, which could impair our physical abilities and our capacity to think critically, both of which are crucial in emergency situations. Knowing how to effectively store water can make a tremendous difference.


Use Multiple Storage Sizes


In the case of an emergency, you may be left without basic necessities. Things we might take for granted on a regular basis, like not having to worry about safe food and clean drinking water, may suddenly become scarce. Prepare yourself for all sorts of conditions by storing water in various containers. For example, Turtle-Pac offers water bladders that can hold large amounts of water, but they can be difficult to carry. Plan ahead by storing in large containers for shelter scenarios and small containers to prepare for when you and your housemates need to favor mobility.


Use a Robust Container


Contrary to popular belief, water cannot simply be stored away in any plastic container you have nearby. To safely store your water, look into UV-protected plastic containers that are rugged and designed to handle the elements. For example, while a collision mat may be orange or red for ease of visibility, a water container that is blue can actually limit the amount of light exposure and bacteria build-up within the water. Additionally, the color can also make it easier for people to understand that the contents are safe, at a quick glance.

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