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Is Your Home Ready for Natural Disasters?

Summary: Getting your house ready for a natural disaster can increase the odds of you and your loved ones getting out of the emergency both safely and comfortably.


When a disaster hits the last thing you and your loved ones should do is panic and scramble to figure out a plan. When the natural disaster hits you will be glad you got the house ready ahead of time.


Natural disasters, from wildfires to earthquakes to hurricanes, can be found from coast to coast. Each kind of disaster is unique but there are general rules that can be followed to make your house as ready as possible.


Back the Essentials Up


If there is a flood coming towards your house you should come up with a plan for how to evacuate the house and escape the path of the incoming water. There are numerous cloud services where people can back data up, such as important documents, forms, and photos. If you are rushing out, you can save valuable time by comfortably being able to leave any computers or hard drives behind. For instance, time spent gathering all of your devices could be spent getting your Turtle-Pac fuel bladder ready to go.


Know Your House Inside-Out


In the case of an emergency, you will need to act quickly and with confidence. Spend some time identifying where the switches are for your house’s electricity, gas, and water systems are and make sure each person living in the house understands how to operate them.


If you have an emergency kit or a ferry tank for BAE146 place them somewhere safe that is also easily accessible. Knowing exactly where they are will help you save precious time when you need to leave in a hurry.

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