Wicker Construction: What It’s Made Of and Why It’s so Popular

Summary: Wicker furniture is becoming a standard in today’s trendy patio design.

When you think of patio furnishings, you immediately think of things like weather resistant furniture pieces, gorgeous treasure garden umbrellas, and other decorative pieces. However, one of the most underrated outdoor furniture pieces is actually wicker due to its’ durability, aesthetic, and practicality.

Wicker Construction

Wicker is often referred to a type of weaving method as opposed to the material. Typically, warps or vertical stoked are laid, and a specific weaving pattern is utilized to produce the wicker fabric. There are numerous types of weaving patterns including the double weaving pattern and triple weaving pattern, which increases the overall durability.

Rattan and Resin

One of the most common materials for wicker furniture, rattan is cut from rattan palm and used without processing it in any shape or form – with the bark, skin, and pith still intact. It’s quite thick in and used as a base material to form the entire wicker furniture piece.

Resin wicker is a durable material that has a long lifespan. It can withstand an enormous amount of exposure to the rain and other elements, which makes it especially important when used for outdoor purposes. It’s much better to have purchase furniture that can hold up throughout the changing weather patterns. For instance, say you go ahead and purchase a wicker chair from Wicker Paradise and place it on your patio. Depending on the type of wicker material that you purchase (natural or synthetic), you’ll have a weather-resistant piece that’ll last for ages – barring that you don’t forget to maintain it every once in awhile.

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